Oh hey guys. Hope you all made it through today with flying colors. I was still recovering from the 4 bottles of Cab we drank on Saturday night. Thanks Kelli and Jack, but also Spotify and Snapchat for supplying the soundtrack and proof of the evening. Solid gold.

How do we feel about the new site?! My friend Jacky D helped me not only register the site but the layout too! If you are ever looking for help with consulting check out his website. More updates to come so please stay tuned!

If you read my first post I talked about my Fall goals. So far, so good.

I’ve been reading before bed, Amy Schumer’s new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. She is funnnnnnay. I love books that when you read them, you hear the author’s voice.


I also kept up with exploring more with cooking and found that surprise, zucchini is so good. Sure I’ve spiraled for zoodles courtesy of Inspiralized, but I never imagined how good it would be fried, seared, and roasted. Ali, the creator of Inspiralized, is an amazing chef spiraling all sorts of fruits and vegetables and making the most delicious meals. If you have some time please check her out! While I didn’t spiralize tonight, I did however make this little meal:



That little guy up in the corner, that is Spindrift Seltzer and it is the BEST. I was never a sparkling water or seltzer girl, but I am 100% hooked on Spindrift. They have watermelon, grapefruit, raspberry lime, lemon, blackberry, and cucumber. Try it, you will not be disappointed. Makes a good mixer too, for all my vodka girls out there.

I hope you all have a great week ahead. Tune in for Thursday Thoughts Pt 2 this week!