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New Year, New Meeeeeeeh.

Just to clarify…New Year, same me.

Has it been months since I posted? Sure has. Am I truly sorry? Sure am.

Anyways WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK WELCOME BACK! I promise to do my best to keep things going here. So let’s recap a little?

A few things have changed since the last post. For starters….I’m now a homeowner. I know what you’re thinking and I agree adulting is hard but we found a place and fell hard for it.  I got a new job and currently am enjoying what is left of my funemployment. First half wasn’t the best with a sinus infection but second half is looking up! And lastly probably the biggest news of ALL… The Dallas Cowboys are not only 1st in the NFC East, but BOOM we got a first round bye in the playoffs. In Dak we trust.

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A Case of the Mondays

Oh hey guys. Hope you all made it through today with flying colors. I was still recovering from the 4 bottles of Cab we drank on Saturday night. Thanks Kelli and Jack, but also Spotify and Snapchat for supplying the soundtrack and proof of the evening. Solid gold.

How do we feel about the new site?! My friend Jacky D helped me not only register the site but the layout too! If you are ever looking for help with consulting check out his website. More updates to come so please stay tuned!

If you read my first post I talked about my Fall goals. So far, so good.

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